About us

Roberto Maggioni

Roberto Maggioni, born in Milan, took to cheffing at the early age of 15. A few years down the road, whilst working at a fine-dining restaurant, Il Giardino, in the square of Pollensa, Mallorca, Roberto was headhunted by West Hooker-Poletti, a successful restaurateur in Los Angeles and offered the position of head chef at at "Lago", West's 20 year standing Italian restaurant. He arrived and ensured that things have not been tranquil at Locanda del Lago since. Roberto revamped the menu into a paragon of unique Northern Italian specialties while keeping all of the traditional dishes for which they were known. After the Lago experience he was hired by the prestigious hotelier Sean MacPherson for the opening of the Beverly Hills restaurant Il Covo.

Roberto, intent on returning to his love of island life in Mallorca, moved back in 2012 to plan the opening of his share in Osteria N15.

Stefano Pellucchi

Stefano Pellucchi, also born in Milan, has stacked up a great number of experiences spanning from the prestigious Hotel Olden in Gstaad to Hotel Slendido in Portofino, a popular meeting place for celebrities from the world of art and culture. Stefano crossed paths with Roberto whilst working with him in Los Angeles and il Giardino in Pollensa. The two knew at this point that somewhere along the line, they would join forces and use each other's strengths, combined with a front of house presence and open amutually satisfying enterprise.

The link between the two partners was clearly their passion for working with Italian dishes and the pleasure and ease that the clients experienced in the delivery of their work.